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Research shows that for two-thirds of Australians, the preference to ‘age in place’ is the principal reason for not selling the family home.

There are societal pressures to move, to free up larger homes for younger families with children, but there is also a very compelling argument to stay put.

This is reflected in the latest statistic from the Australian Government Productivity Commission which states that only around 20 per cent of over 50’s currently sell up and downsize, leaving around 80 per cent who want to remain in the family home.

Ultimately, it seems that emotional factors dwarf financial motivations and the emotional cost of packing up and moving from a much-loved home and a familiar area is far greater than any financial gain, but staying in the family home must also be viable and practical.

As a result, installing a home elevator is an increasingly popular solution, as home-owners look for practical ways to ‘age in place’. It removes all mobility restrictions and gives access all areas to the home, regardless of the personal level of mobility of a home owner.

With this need in mind, at Compact Home Lift, with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we have created a space-saving and economical range of residential lifts which can be installed in almost any Australian home across the country.

A Compact Home Lift travels smoothly and quietly between floors in under 30 seconds and is spacious enough to carry two passengers. It is manufactured in modular sections so it can be transported and installed almost anywhere in the home, with only a small ceiling opening required to be cut by a professional builder. Installation can take less than one day for a standard retrofit.

Damian Boyle, managing director at Compact Home Lifts, said: “Our customers have found that the Compact Home Lift is the obvious choice when it comes to finding a practical way to stay in the homes they love.

“The lift is quiet, spacious, practical and attractive to look at. Every attention has been paid to the detail in the manufacturing process. Speed, comfort and a great travel experience comes in the form of a warm grey aluminium casing, with a matching half-glazed lift car and soothing blue LED lighting.

“We are very proud of our Compact home elevators, as it answers a need in an elegant and practical way. Once customers have tried a Compact Home Lift they never look back.”

For more information about Compact Home Lifts or to request a free brochure then please contact us directly on 1800 43 72 31 or email us on info@compactlifts.com.au