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A common dilemma faced by many people wanting to improve and maintain access throughout their home is the choice between purchasing an elevator or a stairlift. Thankfully, many of the drawbacks that once surrounded the purchase of an elevator has been resolved through innovation and technological advancement. Depending on your specific needs and objectives, there’s probably never been a better time to consider an elevator for your home. Here’s some of the reason why:

Compact Home Lifts
Pros Cons
Flexible installation locations Limited design options
Small footprint Needs yearly maintenance
Quick installation Cost more than a stairlift
Minimal building works
Increase home value
Wheelchair and walking frame friendly
Sleek design
Quiet operation
Pros Cons
Quick installation Limited design options
Minimal building works if the stairs are adequate Needs yearly maintenance
Available in several widths Limited install locations
Not aesthetically pleasing
Not wheelchair or walking frame friendly
Doesn’t increase home value

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