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Helping people stay in their homes for longer is about maintaining independence. It’s about maintaining family and community connections in a safe environment because you’re worth it; as well as recognising that your home holds special memories.

According to the Australian Productivity Commission’s research paper Housing Decisions of Older Australians, two important truths emerged. First, ‘Housing is integral to people’s wellbeing, particularly for older Australians. For many older people home ownership provides security and independence in retirement.’ Second, ‘Older Australians strongly prefer to age in place. Most people are happy staying in their family home, despite a common perception that such homes are too big for them.’

One way to maintain independent living for longer is to invest in your house. As an example, a home elevator offers individuals and couples a way to make their residence more liveable, without the headache of moving. Our Compact Elegance Home Lift is one option. As an easy-to-install premium residential lift it’s curved, and compact for your convenience. Likewise, our Compact Elegance Plus Home Lift is also stylish as well as wheelchair friendly. Ideal for users with a walking frame. Also, maintaining access to the upper floor(s) can save you from significant renovations, e.g. moving your bathroom from the top floor to the the bottom floor is an expensive exercise.

To increase independence, some people add mobility aids. Like our reliable home elevator, handrails allow you to access various rooms in comfort. No worrying about aching bones or tired muscles when there are other options.

Finding a personal alarm call service as well as arranging for loved ones or neighbours to check on your wellbeing, also makes a difference. Many times, some of the best safety nets are the people in our lives.

Look around your home, and ask: Is there any unsteady furniture I need to remove or fix? How can I block dangers such as loose carpet and rugs? Am I servicing my heaters and appliances on a regular basis?

Another thing to consider when future proofing your home includes lighting. Am I investing in high-wattage light bulbs to increase visibility around my house? Am I prepared for blackouts? For example, a handy torch may be a lifesaver when electricity is down.

Even a few changes can significantly improve your independence. Aging in place is about thinking through potential issues and adopting a safety-first mindset. It’s about future proofing your house because a safer house means a happier you.

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