Compact Elegance

The Elegance Home Lift is the perfect alternative to a stairlift or conventional hydraulic lift. Capable of taking two passengers between floors in under 30 seconds, the Elegance offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched.

Compact Elegance Home Lift


Our lifts can be installed almost anywhere with a footprint option of less than 0.8 m².


Our residential lifts are extremely energy efficient and plug into a standard 10amp power outlets, like any other household appliance.


Compact lifts are quieter than conventional home lifts and many stair lifts on the market.


Our unique and intelligent design eliminates the need for load bearing walls making our home lift simple and easy to install.


With no lift shaft required, it makes the installation process simple. A standard retrofit application takes under 2 days.


Our lift drives are neatly contained within the elevator itself and are therefore hidden from view.

  • Half Height Door: The door of the lift is interlocked and made to match the finish.
  • 2 X Remote Controls: The lift can be called and sent remotely and is useful for moving heavy objects.
  • Internal LED: Strip lights in the ceiling & 2 x LED at foot level. These are programmed to turn on once the user has entered the lift and remain on for the entire journey.
  • Battery Back-Up: If there is a power cut or outage while using the lift it will descend to the lower level of the home, using the back-up battery and waits until the power returns.
  • Full-Height Light Curtain: This acts as a sensor and ensures nothing crosses into or out of the lift as it travels.
  • Telephone: In the very unlikely situation that the lift stops while you are travelling in it, help is just a phone call away.
  • Interior Grab Rail: This helps with balance and support when travelling in the lift.
  • Lift Speed: 0.1m/s.
  • Full Height Light Curtain: A full-height motion sensor is situated at the entrance of our lifts (unless a full height door is chosen). If this barrier is crossed the lift stops immediately.
  • Safety Lid Plug: This plugs the opening in the floor when the lift is downstairs and your original flooring can be integrated into the lid to blend in with the rest of your room.
  • Key Switch Operation: This allows the owner to isolate the lift if the need arises. This is commonly used when going away on holiday or when the grandchildren visit.
  • Top & Bottom Safety Pans: Using our obstruction sensors, a Compact Home Lift can detect objects above or below the lift which will make it stop.
  • Hold-To-Run Controls: Operating a Compact Home Lift requires constant pressure to the controls. This allows the user to ‘drive’ the lift and feel in total control.
  • Weight Limit Sensors: Our Compact Elegance Home Lifts are limited to 375lbs (170kg). The lift detects anything exceeding this limit and will not travel.
  • Out Of Balance Sensors: Sensors will detect if the lift is out of balance and prevent it from moving.
  • Fall Arrest Mechanism: This patented system prevents the lift from falling in the unlikely event of the steel ropes going slack.
  • Emergency Stop Button: This button is front and centre for the user in the event of an emergency so the lift can be stopped.
  • Over Speed Detection: The lift uses a sensor to detect the speed of travel. If this increases beyond a certain amount, the sensor will stop the lift from moving.
  • Electric monitored locks.
  • Telephone: In the very unlikely situation that the lift stops while you are travelling in it, help is just a phone call away.
  • Interior Grab Rail: This helps with balance and support when travelling in the lift.
Drive Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
Power Supply 220 – 240v AC | 5 Amps
Maximum Load 170kg
Maximum Travel 4.5 Metres
Entrance Security Full height light curtain / motion sensor – optional full height door
Maximum Speed 0.1m/s
Warranty 7 Year Parts Warranty.^
Compliance Australian/European
Additional Sensors Obstacle/obstruction sensors
Lighting Type Led Strip Lighting
Landing Call Stations 2 Wireless remote control units – call / send facility
Installation Typical installation takes between 1 – 2 days
Operation Hold-to-run controls which meet Australian and European regulations for lifts of this nature.

Latest Reviews

Paul JohnstonNSW

Their workmanship and efficiency were brilliant and they were very easy to deal with - overall a very good experience (and I'm a hard marker). The lift has been marvelous and meets our needs completely. Well done.

Geoffrey ScottNSW

As we reside in a two story Town House, with my wife having a disability, to have installed a Compact Home Lift was the best thing we could have done & having had the Compact Home Lift company install our lift was hassle free...

Shane SlavinVIC

We decided to install the single entry ‘Elegance’ home lift and are extremely happy with it...

Jude SullivanVIC

We had our lift installed in early 2020 and from selection, build & completion everything ran very smoothly.

June HenwoodNSW

Was a big decision to get a lift installed but from day one of dealing with Compact Lifts we have never regretted it.

Barry OliverVIC

We had our lift installed nearly three years ago and have been absolutely thrilled with it. It has enabled us to stay in our home and given us internal access from the garage.

Melissa DrysdaleVIC

I had a Compact lift installed a year ago for my parents and it has been fantastic, value for money I highly recommend them...

Sonya Ankerholz-PottsNSW

We researched alternatives and was very pleased with the advice provided by Compact Lifts. We found the Cost was very reasonable with no hidden additions.

Connie CastlesVIC

The lift we installed is used multiple times daily and allows us to live in a 2 storey home. It looks good and is well worth the effort.

Michael PetersNSW

Compact Lifts gave us the flexibility to stay in our home as we age. Thanks Compact Lifts

Ruth ProcterNSW

After about 2 years of owning a compact lift - "Elegance" - I can say it has made life easier for people in my house and is excellent for transporting goods between floors.

Shama MarshallVIC

Very happy with my new home lift, makes life so much easier. They were very friendly and prompt with their communication and installation.

Mary GergesNSW

We love our lift, from day one of dealing with Compact Lifts we have never regretted it. All staff including the installers were professional, efficient and friendly. Thank you Compact Lifts.

Laura AndersonNSW

Very professional company and fantastic service. The team where very respectful of my home and ensured everything was left neat and tidy. Excellent team you have there.

Where can you purchase our lifts?

We provide our industry leading home lifts throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

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