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In 2024, home lifts continue to gain popularity in Australia as individuals seek to enhance accessibility and mobility within their homes. If you are considering installing a home lift, it is essential to understand the pricing landscape to make an informed decision. Here is a comprehensive price guide for home lifts in Australia.

Price Guide: Home Lift Prices Australia 2023

Hydraulic home lifts:

Hydraulic lifts have been a common choice in Australian homes for many years. An older technology, they utilise an electronic pump to transmit hydraulic fluid, allowing the elevator to move up and down with the assistance of a piston. Hydraulic lifts typically require a separate machine room and occupy a significant amount of space. These lifts also require a multi phase power supply and can be significantly less efficient than its contemporary counterparts.

The cost of a basic hydraulic home lift in Australia falls within the price range of $45,000 to $50,000 for a 2-stop setup (i.e., traveling a single level). This cost does not a lift shaft or related building works. It is also crucial to consider that this price may increase based on customisation options.

All-electric traction home lifts:

All-electric traction home lifts operate using cables and a counterweight system to facilitate vertical movement. These lifts are known for their efficiency and quiet operation. Unlike hydraulic lifts, traction lifts do not require a separate machine room, making them more space-efficient.

The cost of an all-electric traction home lift in Australia, based on a standard installation starts at $47,000 for a 2-stop setup (i.e., traveling a single level). All-electric traction lifts are generally viewed as a superior option to hydraulic counterparts. These lifts can also operate on an efficient single phase 10 amp power supply, making them a more environmentally friendly option and saving on power bills.

Tip: Next Level Elevators is a specialist in all-electric traction lifts and provide an amazing price on an all-electric traction home lift, which also includes a lift shaft. Providing customers with a superior product at a better price.

Compact Home Lifts:

Compact Home Lifts offer an innovative and cost-effective alternative in the market. These lifts are designed with efficiency and convenience in mind. What sets them apart is their unique rail design and drive system, which eliminate the need for a supporting wall, hydraulics, or vacuum systems. As a result, they require less space and offer a more streamlined installation process.

Compact Home Lifts can be easily plugged into a regular power outlet, eliminating the need for additional external power packs. With a small footprint of less than a square meter, these lifts are perfect for homes with limited space.

When it comes to affordability, Compact Home Lifts excel in comparison to traditional hydraulic and traction lifts. The cost of a Compact Home Lift starts at approximately $31,000 and doesn’t change too much from there. This competitive pricing makes Compact Home Lifts a compelling option for homeowners seeking an accessible and convenient solution without compromising quality or functionality.

Additionally, Compact Home Lifts offer ease of maintenance and serviceability. With all the mechanical components discreetly contained at the top of the lift, servicing and maintenance become more straightforward and efficient.

When considering the cost of a home lift, it is essential to factor in other aspects such as ongoing maintenance, warranty, and additional customization options. Each manufacturer and supplier may have varying pricing structures and packages, so it is advisable to request detailed quotes and compare the offerings of different companies.

In conclusion, home lifts in Australia offer a range of options to improve accessibility and mobility within residential properties. While hydraulic and traction lifts have their advantages, Compact Home Lifts stand out for their affordability, compact design, and ease of installation. With prices starting at approximately $31,000, Compact Home Lifts provide an attractive and cost-effective solution for homeowners in 2024.

When considering a home lift, it is recommended to consult with reputable suppliers, request detailed quotations, and thoroughly evaluate the features, customisation options, and after-sales support offered by different companies. This will ensure that you find the most suitable home lift that meets your needs.

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