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The All New Elegance

A truly uplifting experience in your home. Designed for simplicity and engineered to last.

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The All New Elegance

A truly uplifting experience in your home. Designed for simplicity and engineered to last.

Request a brochure or a call back now.
The All New Elegance

A truly uplifting experience in your home. Designed for simplicity and engineered to last.

Request a brochure or a call back now.

Home Lifts Sydney and Melbourne

Compact Home Lifts are an Australian home elevators specialist and we offer a range of domestic lifts that are unlike any other in the world. Our luxurious Compact home elevators have been designed to specifically fit in any home in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane as well as Tasmania and across the country.

A home lift by Compact Home Lifts can help make life easier when the stairs become more challenging and it is an ideal alternative to a stairlift. Our home elevators provide a more convenient – and faster – way of getting upstairs which can improve your lifestyle. Residential lifts are also great for carrying heavy objects.

Buying an elevator from Compact Home Lifts is more cost-effective compared to moving house so you can stay in the home you love and add value to your property. Our residential lifts are the most compact, affordable and stylish home elevators available in Australia so contact our SydneyMelbournePerth, Brisbane or Tasmania home lift offices today for more information.

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Small Footprint

The Compact Elegance Home Lift has a small footprint of less than 0.8m² which means that the domestic lift can be installed almost anywhere. Our home elevators are compact but spacious enough for two people to ride in comfortably and safely.

Very Quiet

Compact lifts are quieter than conventional home lifts and many stairlifts too. This is because our home elevators require no loud hydraulic equipment and run off the normal AC power in your home which makes them almosg whisper quiet.

Fast installation
Quick Installation

All Compact lifts are built in modular sections which can pass through and under standard-sized doorways and ceilings. There is no lift shaft required which makes the installation process simple. A standard retrofit application takes under 2 days.

power consumption
Energy Efficient

Our residential lifts are very energy efficient because they do not use much electricity. Plugs into a standard 10Amp power outlet, like any other household appliance.

Guide System
Self-Supporting Structure

Two parallel and vertical guides bear the load of the home lift which creates a self-supporting structure. This unique and intelligent design eliminates the need for load bearing walls making the domestic lift simple and easy to install in the home.

Drive System
Self-Contained Drive

Both the Compact Elegance Home Lift and Compact Elegance Plus Home Lift use a roped drum-braked gear motor drive system. This is neatly contained within the home elevator itself so all of the mechanics are in one place, hidden from view, at the top of the lift.


The half-height door is equipped with a lock which will only open when the residential lift has completed its journey up or down. The home elevator will only move from stationary when the lift car door is fully closed. In an emergency the door can be unlocked from the outside.


The residential lift has a built-in braking mechanism for safety and comfort.


Sensors positioned on the top and bottom will automatically stop the home elevator immediately if an obstruction is detected.


In the event of power failure, the residential lift car can be returned to the lower floor thanks to a battery back up located within the drive unit.


A built-in load sensor ensures that the maximum weight limit is not exceeded.


As the residential lift travels between floors it picks up or leaves behind a strong and sturdy lid that blocks the hole in the floor. You can easily place your original flooring on top of this to create an almost seamless finish.


“We bought a Compact Home Lift because it has allowed us to stay in our home. It was a far cheaper solution when compared with the cost of moving house.”

George, 66

“The lift is easy to operate, very quiet and looks stylish too. We are absolutely delighted with it and would recommend it to anyone.”

Peter, 71

“We looked at buying a stairlift but made the right decision choosing a Compact Home Lift. It has exceeded all our expectations.”

Pippa, 56

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