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Surprisingly, for some, our lifts are space-friendly, requiring little room.

Take the Compact Elegance Home Lift. It boasts one of the smallest footprints of any lift available on the market – covering a 0.8m² surface area. Likewise, our Compact Elegance Plus Lift is also space-friendly – covering a 1.35m² surface area.

Trying to picture how this will look? Why not give us a call? Plus, interested individuals can order a cut-out mat of the lift to see how their potential purchase will fit their chosen space. It’s that simple.

For more information on our cut-out mats to visualise how the lift will suit your place, please call us on 1800 904 088. Or visit our website here:

Keep in mind too that our easy-to-install lifts take less time as well as space. The home elevator can be installed in two days or even one, after the ceiling aperture has been created by a qualified builder. Our lifts are made up of modular sections, so a standard installation is a smooth process. Less space, means less work.

As industry professionals, we also value space-saving lifts because they’re quieter than conventional alternatives and stairlifts. Running off your home’s AC power they require no loud hydraulic equipment either. This creates a whisper-quiet model, for your peace of mind.

And because we maximise space on the inside, our compact home elevators are spacious enough for two people to ride in comfort. Or put another way, we save you space without compromising on convenience. Therefore, carrying heavy objects is easier too.

Engineered in a soft, warm grey aluminium casing, our lifts match any home environment thanks to their balanced, neutral colour. This means that they will not overwhelm your space, or clash with other colour schemes. But of equal interest is the see-through car, creating a sense of space through light.

Finally, our models use a rope-braked gear motor-driven system, another space-saving solution neatly contained within the elevator itself. So not only are the mechanics in one place, but they’re hidden from view. It’s all about using space wisely.

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