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One of the questions that crop up now and again with homeowners considering whether they should invest in a home lift is ‘we aren’t sure we have enough space for one’. So just how much space does a home elevator from Compact need?

Our smallest size lift is the Compact Elegance Home Lift and this takes up just 0.62m2. This is one of the smallest footprints on the market for a residential lift. This tiny footprint, is why this innovative compact home elevator can be installed practically anywhere in a Australian home. This includes a small disused cupboard area, or the corner of a room (or the middle if you so choose!). There really is unrivalled flexibility in terms of placement for the Elegance Home Lift. As well as its small size, because Compact domestic lifts have unique dual rail supports, self contained drive systems and do not require being sited against a load bearing wall for example, they really can go where other lifts cannot.

A Compact Elegance Home Lift can be installed in a bedroom which may take up no more space than that taken up by an accent chair that you would not even miss. Or in the downstairs hallway, simply relocating a side table or console could free up the space you need, there is no need to think of a home elevator installation as a major renovation project. For some of our customers the existing stairwell void is also perfectly sufficient to site the lift within this space. A contemporary home lift does need to be an unsightly intrusion into even the most bijou of city homes in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane. We have installed our lifts in homes of all shapes and styles across Australia.

All our Compact Home Lifts customers love their lifts and are typically proud to show off how super quiet, quick and sleek they are, however, when they had their lifts installed many were just getting used to the need for a lift and did not want it to be sited where everyone could see it. The team, therefore, is used to installing our discreet and stylish domestic lifts in all areas of the home, and the home elevators themselves are so minimal in their requirements that your lift really can be put where you need it most. Furthermore, when the lift is not in use and the capsule remains on the other floor all that can be seen in the room are the dual rail supports and your usual floor covering.

A Compact residential lift uses a roped drum braked gear motor drive system – this is all self-contained within the lift itself and that is what makes Compact home elevators so unique. There are no visible hoists, noisy motors or machine rooms to contend with as you might associate with a traditional hydraulic home lift. All the mechanics of a Compact Lift are tucked away out of sight, helping to keep the home elevators super quiet, sleek and requiring no more than a standard domestic power supply to run from. Thanks to all this, installation is straightforward and can be completed in most cases within as little as a day. If you are considering the need for a lift in your home to enable easier access between the floors but were put off by the likely space requirements, perhaps it is time to think again.