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Compact Home Lifts are delighted to announce the appointment of Rachel Brus as its New South Wales Sales Consultant.

Rachel has spent more than 25 years as a top performer working with small and medium sized enterprises and is excited to be taking on a role where she can act as an ambassador for the brand across the region.

She is a firm believer in consultative selling and was seeking a role where she could sell a product she really believes in.

Rachel said: “I was looking for a role where I could represent a company with a great product or service solution and a company that was passionate about putting the needs of the client first and foremost from start to finish. I believe work culture starts from the leadership team so I am extremely excited to be starting at Compact Home Lifts as I believe they have a great team and an awesome offering.”

As well as her extensive sales experience, Rachel brings with her first-hand experience of home renovation. She recalls only too well how stressful alterations can be and therefore is well on board with the simple installation process that Compact deliver for their customers. “The Compact Home Lift installation process really is a simple approach to what could be a difficult problem for most people,” she said. “The fact that in most instances installation can occur within a day is a fantastic advantage to the individual and costing is low in comparison to the hydraulic larger lift option.”

Rachel also acknowledges that more and more homeowners with mobility issues are choosing home lifts over stairlifts. “Stairlifts certainly have a bit of a stigma, they aren’t aesthetically pleasing and can be a little intrusive in a stairwell. They are also not going to add value to the home like a Compact residential lift can.”

The team at Compact Home Lifts know this only too well having seen a substantial increase in sales of its residential lifts in the last few years. The Australian population is ageing, one in seven people in the country are now over 65 and thanks to having one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, the flip side to this is that there are many more people for whom mobility is an issue. This can affect lifestyle and choices if alternatives are not sought out.

The older population tend to own or have a mortgage so are far more likely to hold onto their homes if possible. Having an offering that appeals to this audience through enabling them to remain in their much loved home is powerful and this is one of the issues that attracted an executive such as Rachel to the industry.

The massive growth in popularity of home lifts not just in Australia, but globally – and Rachel has big ambitions to grow the New South Wales part of the Compact Home Lifts business.
Rachel said: “I hope to be able to drive this growth further through forging strong community relations and showing clients how we can deliver them the perfect, life enhancing solution for their needs.”