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Compact Home Lifts are delighted to announce the opening of its brand-new office in Brisbane, Queensland.

The company has enjoyed rapid success over the last three years and the team is very excited about opening our its third new office in a different state in Australia.

Our Compact Home Lifts Brisbane branch has been added in addition to the organisation’s other locations in Melbourne, where the business was founded, and Sydney which opened last summer and is now acts as its headquarters.

Queensland is the country’s third biggest state by population after New South Wales (7.8 million) and Melbourne (6.3 million) with around five million people and the new office offers the company a substantial opportunity to increase its market share of the home elevator industry.

The new Brisbane office also means Compact Home Lifts now cover the whole of the East Coast of Australia with our unique range of residential lifts and a significant part of the Australia’s population too, around 18 million of the estimated 25 million inhabitants.

Damian Boyle, director at Compact Home Lifts, said: “We are really excited about the launch of our new Brisbane office. Compact Home Lifts has really taken off in the last three years and our top priority has been to expand our reach and make our home lifts more easily available to more and more people across in Australia.

“Compact Home Lifts is a national company but some customers enjoy dealing with a company that is more local to them so, we are very pleased to now to be able offer this to homeowners living in Queensland, as well as New South Wales and Melbourne.”