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Compact Home Lifts is delighted to declare that they are able to provide residential lifts to any home across the state of Queensland. This is due to the company’s continuing growth over the last three years on their pursuit to supply unique, high-quality home elevators, which allowed Compact Home Lifts to open up a brand new office in Brisbane, Queensland in June. This is our third office in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne bases, which has allowed the company to expand its clientele base to residents of Brisbane and Queensland.

Despite the Sunshine Coast encompassing both the coast and hinterland areas, it is the third most populated area in the Australian state of Queensland and is under major development. It is growing at a rapid pace with two new towns being constructed and over 80,000 new homes having been built in recent years, meaning that Compact Home Lifts are being called in to install more and more residential lifts to make home life easier for those with mobility issues.

The Queensland office is located in the heart of Brisbane and is the largest and most populous city in the state. Brisbane is located between the Brisbane River, ocean and the surrounding national parks. It is no wonder why this city is so popular with Australians and tourists alike; the city allows people to experience cosmopolitan city life but still retains a close connection to nature.

The Gold Coast, approximately 66 kilometres south of Brisbane, famed for its long, sandy beaches, surfing spots and botanical rainforests, is the ideal location for families to enjoy coastal life. Our residential lifts can be advantageous in family homes, by making every floor accessible to each member of the family.

Noosa Heads, a town on the Sunshine Coast, is famous for its beaches and scenic hiking trails. This peaceful suburb allows Australians to unwind and de-stress, whilst still having access to nature, shopping, delicious food and adventure. Many Australians choose to own a holiday home in the area and view having a residential lift as a perfect way to ‘future-proof’ their home and help to reach a wider rental market.

Toowoomba, located 125 kilometres west of the capital of Brisbane, is a university and cathedral city, which also hosts national sporting events for mountain biking and motocross. The town has developed into a prime location for business and government cities, and thanks in part to its low unemployment levels and increase in infrastructure, has become one of the fastest growing towns in the entire country.

Damian Boyle, director at Compact Home Lifts, said: “Our Queensland base in Brisbane provides unique and stylish home elevators across the city, but we’re looking forward to expanding our clientele base across the whole of the state. The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Noosa Heads and Toowoomba are all places we are particularly looking forward to targeting, however, we’re proud to say that we will travel across the whole of Queensland to install our range of residential lifts. We enjoy making a vast difference to people’s homes and ease of living.”