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The home lift is fast becoming the most popular option in the Australia, in terms of staying in and getting around your own home. Here are some of the benefits Compact Home Lifts have when compared with the stairlift.


Home lifts are quick. They are, in fact, considerably faster than traditional stairlifts. Travel between floors can take as little as 30 seconds whereas stairlifts can take a lot longer than this, particularly if you have a turning staircase.


Using a home lift independently to move between floors is easy. Unlike a stairlift which can require help from a friend or loved one to climb on and off the seat, with a home lift, you just walk straight into the lift and go.

Space saving and good looking

Home elevators will blend with your home décor. They are stylish, sleek and look great.  They can travel from floor to floor within cupboard spaces and they have a small footprint. Stairlifts often are very cumbersome and will alter the look of your staircase.  A home lift will leave your staircase free for others to use it as normal.


A standard home lift is far more reliable than a stairlift.  They have an emergency backup battery so you are not left trapped half way up or down the stairs and they are also far less prone to breakdowns so the user will not find themselves confined to the downstairs until the problem is fixed.

Plug and Play

Home lifts can be plugged straight into a standard AC power wall socket. They require no expensive re-wiring and if there is a power cut, the lift comes equipped with a battery back-up pack, so you will never get stuck between floors. They do not require batteries, so unlike a stairlift there will never be any concerns over battery life or battery replacement.


The lonely feeling you get travelling on a stairlift alone is simply not the case in a home elevator, where two people (or you and your dog!) can travel comfortably between floors.  No one is left at the top or bottom of the stairs waiting and the user will not feel separated whilst using it.


Need to take your laundry upstairs to put it away? Want to carry a heavy object up or down the stairs without the danger of lifting it yourself?  A home lift makes these tasks so much easier and effortless.

Noise Levels

Stairlifts can be noisy and you may experience a grinding or squeaking sound when it is climbing the stairs, due to the mechanism within the base of the chair itself and its trajectory along the rail.  Home lifts are known for being extremely quiet, almost silent, when they travel between floors.

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