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1 Strong and Silent

The Compact Home Lift is definitely the strong and silent type. It does not use noisy hydraulics like many other lifts, but simply plugs into a standard wall socket. It has a quiet self-contained electric motor, which minimises excess sound output during operation. It is also strong and powerful and can comfortably carry up to two adults and a pet between floors. In fact, the lift can carry up to 375lbs (170kg). A clever safety feature prevents travel if this weight is accidentally exceeded.

2 Fit it in one day

You will not need any structural adjustments to your home to accommodate the Compact Home Lift. It runs on its own self supporting structure without the need for a lift shaft or load bearing walls. A standard retrofit can take as little as one day to complete and thanks to its twin rail system, the lift is flexible enough to be situated almost anywhere within the home. Its compact footprint of just 0.62m² surface area makes it one of the smallest in the home lift marketplace.

3 Economical and energy efficient

As well as being discreet and extremely practical, the lift is also designed to go easy on your pocket. Requiring no more than the power from a standard plug socket, it runs off the normal AC power in your home just like any other household appliance. LED downlights within the lift also switch on when you enter and switch off when you leave the lift saving energy while the lift is not in use. Having a Compact Home Lift installed can also increase the value of your property overall if/when the time comes to sell.

4 Safe and sound

Safety comes first with a Compact Home Lift and there are a number of features built in such as its full height ‘light curtain’ which acts as a motion sensor to immediately stop the lift if anything crosses it, a safety lid plug which fills the gap in any room upstairs when the lift is travelling downwards, emergency stop button, over speed detection, out of balance sensors and more.

5 Optional Extras

If it is easier for you to enter the lift on one side and leave on the other, there is a Compact Home Lift with a thru car, allowing you just that. Other optional extras include a fold down seat, an interior grab rail and an uninterruptible power supply which powers the lift temporarily, when the mains power fails, if you are between floors so you can complete your journey. You can even request the option of a telephone inside the lift car itself.