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An Australian architectural group has predicted that the number of home lifts in domestic properties will climb in 2018.

Archicentre Australia, a group specialising in assessment and design, believes higher density living and an ageing population means some home-and-land developers are including a residential lift as a standard feature in the home.

Peter Georgiev, director at the national architect’s advisory service, says many Australians are choosing to use their home’s space more efficiently, especially in major cities and town where space is limited, by installing a home elevator.

Mr Georgiev claims an example of this is homeowners deciding to extend their property upwards rather than outwards and including a home lift in their project, possibly installing them up from underground garages up to the main living space of the home.

He told news.com.au: “Naturally this is an ideal solution for people with access issues. Retro-fitting of a lift helps to supercharge space, enabling residents to utilise rooms over multiple levels in lieu of stairs.”

Georgiev’s comments were seemingly supported by an analysis of realestate.com.au house listings on November 14. This showed there were 20 properties on the market that have home elevators installed.

Georgiev insisted more and more elderly homeowners are looking at residential lifts as the ideal alternative to using the stairs and predicted this number will increase.

He added: “Home elevators will become a more regular feature of multi-level homes, enabling increased ability for Baby Boomers onward to reside and maintain the homes in which they are living.”

At Compact Home Lifts, both our Sydney home lifts and Melbourne home lifts offices have seen a sizeable increase in demand for our selection of residential lifts over the past 12 months.

Damien Boyle, managing director at Compact Home Lifts, said: “More and more home owners are approaching us about our innovative home lift solution for a number of different reasons.

“Reasons to install a home lift include not wanting to leave the family home but not being able to manage the stairs anymore, wanting to upgrade their homes and ‘future proof’ them so they have two options to move between floors and never have to move house again.

“Then there are also homes looking to provide practical facilities which cater for an intergeneration occupancy, for example where grandparents are moving in and young people are staying at home longer.”

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