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Residential Lifts Range
Residential Lifts Range
Residential Lifts Range
Residential Lifts Range

Home Lifts Central Coast, New South Wales

Compact Home Lifts are delighted to be able to offer our range of innovative home elevators to customers in the Central Coast area popular with Sydney commuters, tourists and retirees alike.

With our cutting-edge design and technology, a Compact residential lifts offer homeowners in this thriving Central Coast region a simple way of moving between the floors of their home.

Thanks to their unique self-supporting design, and whisper quiet motion, more and more people in this area of New South Wales from Gosford to Hawkesbury and Woy Woy are enjoying total independence in their own homes with one of our innovative home elevators.

Modular in design, any of our Compact Home lifts can be installed in a day and boast one of the smallest footprints on the market, so the residential lift can slot into almost any space in your residence in this beautiful area of Australia, effortlessly.

Our residential lifts, like the area itself, are as beautiful as they are practical. Designed to be admired and to blend into our clients’ décor, the lifts have been designed with a curved profile and soft LED downlights. Once the capsule shaped car is stationed upstairs, little remains in view bar two slender stilts, thus preserving floor space and leaving interior design unaffected.

At Compact Home Lifts, we are committed to serving our clients the very best in technical expertise, customer service and installation quality. Our team will be happy to attend your home and make recommendations on our most suitable product and its ideal location for your specific needs. Having met with you we can then provide a fully inclusive quotation with costs of design, manufacture and installation.

We are happy to be offering our innovative residential lifts to retirees and others in the Central Coast area and are always satisfied to see the life enhancing results our home elevators can provide to our clients. Compact Home Lifts is committed to the very highest standards of quality and customer care

Compact Home Lifts is committed to the very highest standards of quality and customer care. We are proud to be a member of the Australian Elevator Association AEA.

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Duo Home Elevator

Compact Elegance Home Lift

An instant upgrade to your home with beautiful design and engineering excellence. Quiet, safe and fast, this attractive home elevator carries two passengers and even the family pet up one floor in under 30 seconds. Your local Perth team will come to your home and install it in under one day.

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Compact Lifts Trio Elevator

Compact Elegance Plus Home Lift

Top of the range, wheelchair home elevator. Designed to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair and ideal for users with a walking frame. The Compact Elegance Plus, can be built as a ‘thru-car’ allowing maximum manoeuvrability with entry and exit points on both sides. It can be installed by your local Perth team, in less than two days.

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Home Elevator Applications

Standard Retrofit

A standard installation involves the Compact Home Lifts team installing our elevator from a downstairs room, such as a hallway or lounge, to a room upstairs such as the bedroom or landing area.


Stairwell Void
Stairwell Void

The slimline design of the Compact Home Lift allows us to place it within the void of a turning staircase. No other home lift on the Australian market can offer this solution.

Closet to Closet
Cupboard to Cupboard

If you are seeking a discreet solution, why not locate your Compact Home Lift lift within the space of a cupboard or wardrobe. It is simple and easy for our Perth installation team to do.

Thru Car

The thru car option is extremely versatile as it allows you to enter and exit your Compact residential lift from both sides, for maximum manoeuvrability. No other home elevator offers this solution on the market.

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling
Sloped Ceiling

You can still have one of our home lifts installed even if you have a sloped ceiling. The local Perth team will create a small flat area in the ceiling of your home so the elevator works as normal.


A Compact Home Lift can provide convenient access from your garage up to the ground floor of your home. It is suggested to add protection bollards to avoid accidental damage to the lift from a car for maximum protection.

“We bought a Compact Home Lift because it has allowed us to stay in our home. It was a far cheaper solution when compared with the cost of moving house.”

George, 66

“The lift is easy to operate, very quiet and looks stylish too. We are absolutely delighted with it and would recommend it to anyone.”

Peter, 71

“We looked at buying a stairlift but made the right decision choosing a Compact Home Lift. It has exceeded all our expectations.”

Pippa, 56

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