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Compact Home Lifts appeared live on Sky Television for the first time while exhibiting at the Housing Industry Association Melbourne Home Show last month.

The company was represented by David Mayer who took questions from Sky News Real Estate hosts Sophie Hull and James Treble about what is involved in installing one of our home elevators.

David explained how far from being an expensive purchase as they might have been a decade ago – the cost of purchasing a residential lift for the home was now much more affordable – and were no longer in the price range for just the rich.

He told the Sky News duo: “The prices have come down from 10 years ago – a home elevator used to be $60,000 or $70,000 but ours are $29,500 for a fully installed lift in your home so it has really opened up the market. It used to be for just the wealthy but now it’s for anyone.”

David also mentioned how our home lift can be installed in virtually any place in an Australian home thanks to the residential lift’s remarkably small footprint. He said: “The total footprint is a metre and 40 wide by 780mm deep so there’s not many houses we can’t get our lifts into.

“We always seem to find a way of fitting one in. We have in-house builders who come in for one day, and then a specialist team will come in the very next day to install it. Within two days, you will have a fully functioning home lift in your house, all for $29,500 with a two-year warranty included.”

Many Compact Home Lifts customers have invested in our products because they do not want to move home and downsize to a single-storey home when the stairs become difficult when they get older as David explained. He added: “A lot our customers love their neighbours and love where they live – they just cannot manage the stairs anymore – and that’s where we come in. We’ve got two styles of home lifts, so we offer one which takes a wheelchair and can carry three people and we do another lift that fits two people. When we first set up in business we wanted to bring in an affordable home lift to everyone in the market – not just a specialist few.”

David then demonstrated the lift for the hosts at the Melbourne Home Show – which is a prestigious exhibition which showcases the best home products from Australia and around the world – by going up and down in the demonstration unit using the the hold-to-run controls. He said: “All you do is jump in the lift, close the door, and just put your finger on the button and up we go into the next floor. It doesn’t need to be overthought. It’s a very simple product available for everyone and it’s about keeping people in their homes for a longer.”

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