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Compact Home Lifts are delighted to be able to announce that it can now install one of its home elevators in any home across Perth and the state of Western Australia. This is due to more offices being opened across the country in response to the increase in demand for the company’s range of residential lifts. The new Compact Home Lifts Perth location, in Scarborough, means that the elevator specialist can supply and install their stylish and innovative home elevators to homeowners who may require an alternative solution to stairs or traditional stairlifts.

Western Australia occupies the entire western third of the country and is Australia’s largest state. Despite only making up 11 per cent of the nation’s population, Compact Home Lifts have been keen to expand their services and products across the country due to their belief that every homeowner should have access to every floor of their home. From Perth to Broome, Geraldton to Bunbury and inland to Kalgoorie, the home elevator company can make no obligation visits across the whole state and provide a full site survey for free.

Western Australia’s capital city, Perth, has a population of over two million and is the fourth most populous city in Australia. Here, the locals soak up more sun than in any other city in Australia, and with a beautiful stretch of coastline featuring sandy beaches, scenic parks and bustling Metropolitan bars and restaurants, it is hardly surprising that Perth homeowners want a bit of luxury and elegance in their homes. The range of unique and compact residential lifts on offer can transform any home into a stylish oasis.

Around 2,240 kilometres north of Perth is the coastal, pearling and tourist town of Broome. This idyllic beach resort town stretches along the Indian Ocean coastline and its most popular tourist destinations, the dinosaur tracks near to Gantheaume Point, help to attract thousands of tourists each year. Despite only having a population of 14,000, this grows to a significant 45,000 during the peak tourist season (June – August). Installing a home lift in any property located in Broome is a fantastic way of adding value to your holiday home and also helps to reach a wider rental market.

Geraldton is another coastal city that has fantastic beaches, hiking trails, and crystal, blue waters with an abundance of sea life right on its doorstep, making it a popular destination for divers and nature lovers. It is no wonder why homeowners in Geraldton wish to stay in their homes for longer, which they can do by installing a residential lift. This enables them access to the whole of their home for the foreseeable future, rather than facing the upheaval and stress of moving to a new house in the eventuality of mobility issues.

Located 175 kilometres south of Perth is Bunbury, a portal city that is known for its wild bottlenose dolphins that often swim very close to the beach at Koombana Bay. It was once just seen an industrial port, but now, thanks to its younger, entrepreneurial residents introducing edgy boutiques and innovative restaurants into their city, Bunbury has created quite a name for itself and its culture.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder, known colloquially by locals as Kalgoorie, is Australia’s largest Outback city. Known for its impressive and innovative architecture, this contemporary city is full of homeowners who take pride in the aesthetic design and practicality of their homes. Many homeowners see the installation of a stylish and modern elevator as a way to ‘future proof’ their homes, allowing them to stay in their forever home and hold onto the memories made there.

Damian Boyle, director at Compact Home Lifts, said: “Expanding our offices so that we can reach more Australian homes has always been a top priority of ours at Compact Home Lifts. Our Western Australia office, located in Scarborough, allows us to install our lifts in even more Australian homes, which is something we’re really proud of. We are committed to providing the very best and stylish elevators for homeowners in Western Australia and beyond.”